The easiest is vinegar: cleaning leather clothes to maintain their quality

Cleaning leather clothes needs special products and home care methods that differ from cleaning other clothes, especially since leather clothes are expensive clothes and no winter wardrobe is devoid of them, because cleaning the leather may be thought by many that it is difficult and that is why they resort to cleaning the skin with specialists And they bear additional costs every time the leather is cleaned, especially since if it is cleaned by traditional methods, it may cause damage to the leather or the presence of deposits on it, but with today you will be able to maintain your leather clothes yourself at home and you can clean them yourself by using some of the existing products In your home.

skin cleaning clothes

Leather clothes are cleaned by the following method:

  • First, the pockets of the clothes are completely emptied of any contents and then the leather clothes are turned over to the other side.
  • A large bowl is placed in an appropriate amount of warm water to which the liquid for the hands is added, which dissolves in the water quickly.
  • Leather clothes are immersed in this water and after the water has reached the clothes completely and left for 10 minutes.
  • The clothes come out of the water while avoiding squeezing the clothes, and if there is any stubborn stain, it can be rubbed with a soft brush gently.
  • After the clothes are removed from the bowl of water, they are placed in another bowl of clean water just to be rinsed well.
  • Leather clothes are spread indoors and left to dry on their own, and do not expose to the sun, and the drying period may take about 3 days.

Cleaning the skin with vinegar

Among the good ways to clean leather clothes is to rely on vinegar to clean the skin, through the following:

  • Mix one part vinegar and one part water
  • A piece of cloth is placed in this water and the skin is gently wiped with it.
  • The skin will absorb this water or absorb a little of it.
  • With another clean piece of cloth, rub the leather again to get rid of any dirt, dirt, or stains on it.

Cleaning the leather jacket from the inside

For anyone who wants to clean the lining of the leather jacket from the inside, do the following:

  • The leather jacket is turned over, so that the lining is visible on the outside.
  • In a bowl, mix an appropriate amount of liquid soap or dishwashing liquid with a good amount of warm water.
  • A clean piece of cloth is immersed in this water and the lining is wiped from the inside, taking into account squeezing the cloth so that the lining is not excessively wet.
  • Focus on the armpit area and the hands, because they are among the most dirty and smelly places.
  • Then wipe the lining with another piece of cloth dampened with water only, to get rid of the soap.
  • Leave the jacket to dry in the open air.

Cleaning the skin with alcohol

Alcohol is one of the appropriate products for cleaning clothes and skin, in addition to its ability to get rid of mold that may infect clothes on the skin, through the following:

  • Mix the alcohol and water well until homogeneous.
  • Apply the solution to moldy areas of the skin and wipe gently with a clean cloth.
  • Or the solution is placed in a glass with a mist sprayer and the solution is sprayed all over the clothing and then wiped with a clean cloth.
  • Then a piece of clean cloth is brought and the leather garments are wiped again.

Clean leather clothes with leather cleaner

Products dedicated to leather care are now available in the commercial markets, including a special leather cleaner, which is used as follows:

  • Leather cleaner for cleaning leather is applied directly to leather clothing, especially in places of stains.
  • This detergent is rubbed with a clean piece of cloth and stirred in a circular motion, so that the substance is completely absorbed.
  • Then the skin is wiped again with a clean piece of cloth.
  • Do not rinse the leather after applying the cleanser with water, it will be shiny and clean at the same time.

White skin tip method

There are many ways that help in polishing and cleaning white leather, including:

Lemon juice: Put drops of lemon juice on the leather clothes and leave it for 15 minutes and wipe it with a clean cloth.

Medical Vaseline: A good amount of Vaseline is placed on the skin and wiped with a clean piece of cloth, so that the Vaseline covers the skin.

Peeling skin treatment

One of the common problems that many people face is the leather jacket cracking, so this problem can be fixed by the following:

  • All peeled skin from the jacket is peeled off and discarded.
  • In an external bowl, add an appropriate amount of black dye with a quantity of boiling water and combine them well and add an amount of salt to them.
  • Any color other than black can be chosen depending on the color of the jacket.
  • Soak the jacket in the dye, making sure that the dye gets all over the jacket.
  • In another external container, soak the jacket in water containing water, ice and vinegar, and stir the ingredients well.
  • The jacket, after removing it from the dye, is placed in this mixture and stirred well.
  • Take out the jacket and wait for it to dry in the open air.
  • With this we got another new jacket.

How to get rid of ink stain from leather clothes

In the event that the leather clothing has any ink stain, it can be disposed of by the following:

  • Rub the area affected by the ink stain using a clean cloth dampened in warm water.
  • Bring nail polish remover, but it should be free of acetone, and put it in a clean piece of cotton and rub the ink stain with it.
  • Re-wipe the leather clothing with a piece of cloth dampened with water after removing the ink stain from it.

Skin care tips

For anyone who owns leather clothing and wants to preserve it as much as possible without damage, he must follow the following tips:

  • It is preferable to avoid putting a lot of padding in the pockets, or placing heavy objects inside the pockets, as it may lead to stretching of the skin.
  • Leather garments should not be spread in direct sunlight as it may cause them to crack.
  • It is also preferable not to put perfume, perfume or hairspray on the skin, because it greatly harms the skin.
  • Do not use pins or labels on leather garments as they may cut the leather.
  • When storing leather clothing, it is preferable not to apply it and keep it in dry places, but it is better to leave it in the open air to avoid cracking.

In the end, and after learning about many ways to clean leather clothes, any of these methods can be followed in cleaning any clothes or leather goods at home, and all of them are easy, simple and inexpensive methods that are better than resorting to leather dealers and paying high expenses in cleaning the leather, in addition to the importance of following the tips which are listed to keep leather garments from being damaged.