How to replant roses in your yard

How many times have you received beautiful roses and always had the fear of dying? Now, you can replant roses in your own yard. All you need is good soil and plenty of sunshine, water and the most important ingredient is patience, in order to get the look you desire.


1. Choose a rose with good roots, you can buy it and make sure that the leaves are intact.

2. Pruning roses, and once the arrangement is completely finished, it is preferable to trim the lower part at an angle of 25 degrees.

3. Dig a hole, with a garden shovel, preferably round the size of a tea cup.

4. Fill about 1/4 the hole with water.

5. Put about 3 flowers together in the hole, leaving an inch between each one.

6. Put the roses in a bowl, or bury the paper and make sure that the paper itself did not enter the soil.

7. Leave spaces between the roses.

8. Water the soil again until it becomes wet.

9. Keep watering roses twice a week, once before sunrise and once after sunset

10. Note that the rose flower will die, but the leaves will remain green. And the roses will turn dry brown. If you do not take care of the roses, you will die.

11. The next year, the rose becomes full of leaves. The roses may not bloom in the same year, but in the following spring.

Tips :

  • If you want to make a rose tree, place it in the middle and prune the leaves again until they begin to grow and bloom in the spring.
  • When pruning rose leaves in the open air. You can use this technique to transplant another area.
  • Continue to water the roses once a week and leave it in a place with sunlight until it is well taken care of and the leaves shine.

General tips when growing roses:

This is a set of tips for beginners in growing roses at home, and they want to have a garden with a wonderful aesthetic appearance and comfortable to the eye. So you need to know these tips for growing attractive and healthy roses.

Choosing a place to plant roses:

  • Choose a good place exposed to the sun. And it is preferable that the sun be in it for about 6 hours, because the roses are happy when they are in a partially shaded place.
  • Make sure that the soil is well drained. The rose needs watering regularly and deeply. But its roots rot when left in moist soil for several days.
  •  When planting roses, do not crowd many rose bushes in narrow places, because roses need space to allow more air to flow into the plants and reduce exposure to fungal diseases, such as the appearance of black spots or powdery mildew on the leaves.

Tips when growing roses:

  • Dig a hole about 18-24 inches deep.
  • Mix a little phosphate powder into the soil, to refill the hole
  • If you purchased the rose in a container, gently remove it from the pot and loosen the roots a bit.
  • If your rose roots are bare, soak them in water for an hour before planting.
  • Plant the roses well in the soil.

Rose care tips after transplanting:

  • Continue to water the roses every week, until the plants grow and the roots become deep.
  • Roses begin to bloom and grow in the spring or about every six weeks throughout the flowering season
  • The use of fertilizers because it ensures that you grow roses in a healthy manner, because roses need more nutrients in a healthy way. 
  • Use garden scissors to cut the branches and flatten them if they are thick. It also helps to grow new buds and cut off the affected parts as soon as possible to keep the roses healthy.
  • Wash the leaves well to take care of the plant.