How to properly store summer clothes

To maintain summer clothes, it is necessary to know the correct way to store summer clothes, as the weather begins to change with the advent of the signs of winter and the announcement of the official departure of summer, and you are ready to wear high leather boots that reach the knee and heavy clothes, but before you think about these preparations, you must prepare Your closet in a correct way to deposit the summer by knowing how to store summer clothes in a correct and appropriate way in order to keep summer clothes clean because they pass for a long time without use.

Some may think that storing clothes is a difficult process, but it is not as difficult as you actually think that it is a good practice for several reasons, including your clothes will last you longer once the hot weather starts again. Next summer will come and you will have new clothes as they were in the previous summer.

More importantly, when storing summer clothes means that you will have a lot of space in your wardrobe and make way for winter clothes and thus, but your wardrobe is cluttered, there are a set of steps and tips for storing summer clothes.

How to store summer clothes:

1. Washing and drying clothes:

One of the most basic tips when storing summer clothes is to wash all the clothes before deciding to store them. In order to get rid of food or drink residues that may be present on the clothes. Because if any trace of these elements is left, it will result in a change in the color of the clothes. Also, this step helps you to look like new clothes again next summer.

 2. Arranging clothes in storage boxes:

Once your clothes are washed and folded into ready-made plastic storage boxes such as storage containers. Which helps you put it under the beds or in dark rooms without fear. Or something when placing storage boxes is to be away from sunlight and weather changes because these factors lead to changes in colors and the appearance of mold growing inside clothes.

Avoid storing clothing anywhere near a window and making sure underwear, pants, and lightweight clothing are kept to one side by themselves to avoid potential damage from fold creases.

3. Use of nylon or plastic bags:

Sometimes you need to keep the summer dresses that need a little extra care instead of folding when you push them in the box. Plastic bags are easily handy and help protect your clothes from wrinkles while keeping your wardrobe neat. And be sure to dry and clean your summer formal clothes carefully. Because when storing clothes in plastic bags, all you have to do is hang everything.

4. Use of cedar wood bags:

Summer clothes need good protection. Many recommend the use of cedar wood bags. Put them in storage boxes or tie them around a hanger. It is known that the use of cedar wood bags will avoid the presence of insects such as moths that damage your clothes during the winter, but it will not leave behind any unwanted odors.

5. Aromatic soft flakes:

When packing summer clothes storage boxes, you can put a few dry soft sheets between the cotton sweaters, this way you will not need to re-wash your summer clothes again with the coming of summer because they have a clean smell.

6. Deciding which pieces you need to wear again:

Before packing summer clothes, you need to sort the clothes well to determine which of the summer clothes can suit the fall or even winter. Because there are some clothes like long dark dresses with sleeves that you can wear all year round when paired with the right jacket

7. Ensure the cleanliness of clothes:

Carefully check the cleanliness of summer clothes and do not try to store clothes with stains, dirt and holes. You can use a stain remover and work on fixing it to protect clothes from moths.

8. Options available when storing:

In stores there are tools for storing clothes for every season, if you plan to get one of them you should look for storage recommendations. For example, plastic containers make it easy to store clothes, as they are transparent and help you protect your clothes from moths and insects. Avoid cardboard because insects can easily penetrate it by pests. Take care to clean the containers first before storing clothes inside.

9. Should it be folded or hung?

Some summer clothes need to be hung so that storage for nine months does not cause permanent wrinkles. You can keep it stored inside a specially designed hanger box, preferably hanging it loosely so that wrinkles do not occur.

10. Garment Storage Supplies:

You must have a set of supplies when storing summer clothes:


If you plan to store clothes hanging, try to choose strong hangers that do not rust so as not to leave any stains on the clothes. It is also preferable to avoid wire hangers because they are very thin. There are some items in summer clothes such as windbreakers that need to be hung on a hanger in order to support your shoulders. The skirt also needs to be stored on the hanger, as there are no wrinkles. It is preferable to store silk clothes on padded hangers to avoid slipping during storage.

clothes storage bags

If you have fabric storage bags, you can wash them in the washing machine to remove dust, mold and germs before using them again in storage. Fabric bags are also a better choice than plastic so that air can circulate to prevent moisture build-up and spoilage. You can also use cotton paper to cover the hanging clothes, simply make a small hole for the hanger to slide and at the same time allow the clothes to breathe during storage.

storage boxes:

There is a group of summer clothes that need to be stored inside folded and not hanging, and it is necessary to avoid the carton so as not to damage your clothes.

If you use plastic containers for storage, they should be made of polypropylene so that they are safe to store. It is preferable to choose the number 5 inside the rotation triangle located at the bottom of the pot to make sure that it is appropriate. Then clean it with a disinfectant and line the container with a cotton sheet or acid-free tissue paper to keep fragile items from touching the plastic container.

If you prefer to store clothes in cardboard boxes, they should be acid-free because cardboard boxes that are brought from grocery stores are not safe when storing because acids seep into clothes and can cause yellowing and stains on clothes in addition to allowing insects to grow.

11. The space for storing clothes:

If you are just moving summer clothes to another closet in the house, now is the perfect time to clean the closet or storage area that you will be using. Clean the closet carefully to remove dust, dirt and insects. If you suspect mold, you can clean the container with a chlorine solution to control pests.

It is preferable to store clothes in a dry, cool and well-ventilated area away from artificial or natural light until it becomes safe for storage.

12. Tips when storing clothes:

  • It is best when storing clothes to roll them up rather than fold them in order to prevent permanent wrinkles from forming.
  •  Try to label each container with its own section so that it is easy to pull out the correct clothes if you need an item.
  •  Use summertime storage baggage, store beachwear in a bag by itself and label the bag to see what’s inside.
  • Adding a lavender bag to resist moths and get a nice smell, as it is anti-fungal.
  • You can put a piece of chalk inside the clothes storage container to help absorb excess moisture.
  • You can select the accessories that you do not need to use in order to save space and store them next to their clothes to keep them from getting lost.