How to become a strong and influential leadership figure?

Do you want to become a strong leadership figure? Do you want to be a boss or a leader? A leader makes a great boss, but unfortunately not every boss is an effective leader. Because in fact, there are some people in a position of power, but they do not receive the appreciation of those around them.

You can hear about some tolerant bosses or managers who are not respected and ignored by the employees. There is no doubt that once the boss loses his respect, the company or organization is exposed to the gradual collapse and failure. Fortunately, with a little bit of information and effort, you can become a strong leader.

To become a strong, influential leader

1- Correct use of body language:

When it comes to body language, it works miracles in strengthening your self-confidence and feeling strong. It gives a special charisma to the individual. There are three body language signals that you make in order to improve and reflect your self-image and send the correct meaning of your words to those around you:

Eye contact: The other party looks into your eyes when you talk to them. And if you are in a public place or social situation, such as taking a quick look at people in the room, avoid doing this, as this gives a sense of loss of confidence.

Smile . There is a misconception that leading figures do not smile often. And they are constantly messing around. But this is completely wrong. A smile is not a sign of personal weakness, but a message of love, friendship and trust

A fixed posture when communicating with others gives a sense of confidence and control, such as the tall posture, which is straightening the shoulders and raising the head a little.

2- Having effective goals:

Often not every leader has a vision and effective goals to communicate with others. So make sure your goals are clear and that everyone wants to implement them. It is your duty to your team to clarify these goals and distribute tasks correctly. Determining each member’s role in achieving these goals.

3- Focus on the main objectives:

It is very easy now to scatter ideas and trends, especially with the opening of new markets and huge projects and institutions, as this may make us lose sight of the basic objectives. Therefore, focusing on details and organization helps you achieve your goals and succeed in them.

4- Encouragement and confidence in your team:

Anthony Robbins said, “The best thing an effective leader can do is encourage the team to develop.” There is no doubt that the leader’s understanding of the team’s talents and capabilities helps him achieve goals better.

Oftentimes, when you put more confidence in your team and a sense of responsibility and freedom to make decisions, this may bring about a breakthrough for your goals.

5-   Be surrounded by the right (positive) people .  

The term “right people” does not mean that they are the same people as you. In fact they are the opposite. And that the best strategy for success is to employ people who are different from each other in terms of intelligence, enthusiasm and ideas, as this works on diversity and multiplicity of viewpoints.

The diversity of ideas allows you to be creative in your field of work. It may be difficult for our personality (our personal vanity) to accept ideas that are better than what we offer and are from other individuals

6- Commitment to being a reliable person.

This advice to some extent needs clarification. Be aware that someone respects a leader who does not keep his promises. So don’t talk a lot without doing anything, actions talk about people. This is so that no one has the opportunity to doubt your abilities.

7- Be ready to challenge the current situation.

Day in and day out, acting wisely and making effort repeatedly helps you achieve success.

It is naive to think that there is no leader who has not faced any opposition or resistance from other people. There is always someone who thinks that implementing new ideas is risky and that taking a different approach is, of course, a means to failure. It is natural to be ready to defend your point of view and challenge those circumstances. There was a famous saying by Aristotle to avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.

8- Culture:

In order to get people’s attention, you must be aware of your field of expertise. Continuously improve your skills, expand your knowledge and know the latest trends and technologies in your field.

9- Ability to give advice and guidance:

It is very useful for every leader to be able to give advice when it is required of him and to discuss with team members his work. And he does not get that except through years of experience and experiences, whether with failure or success. To avoid waiting for experiments to happen, you can benefit from the experience of a previous teacher. Every successful person or leader in his life has had a successful teacher.

10- Providing solutions:

In order for the leader to succeed in his work, he must have ready solutions about the problems he is expected to face while working. In order to become a strong leader, you must train your mind to think positive and focus on solutions. This does not mean that you have solutions to all problems, of course you may encounter difficult problems, but when you deal with these problems, you should not lose your calm so that you can think correctly.

11. Understand your employees

It may be the first rule of success. Understanding dealing with employees helps you to achieve easily and at the same time successful. And psychologists discovered in a study on work productivity that if you want to improve the performance of employees, motivate them from time to time to do hard work.

Pay close attention to the evaluation of employees so that you can estimate employees correctly and accurately. Where the US Department of Labor stated that one of the reasons for employees to leave their work is a feeling of lack of appreciation by employers.