Get rid of flies with these amazing recipes

No one can live with these buzzing creatures in the house or garden, especially on warm summer days. This trick can be used to get rid of flies. Flies are not only annoying, they are also a vector of diseases and are known to be one of the causes of transmitting more than 100 diseases including cholera, typhoid, tuberculosis and dysentery. They collect these disease-causing agents on their feet and mouths when they feed on garbage or faeces and other decomposing materials. In addition, there are types of flies that harm your home and garden plants. It breeds continuously through the eggs located at the top of the compost as it destroys the small roots of the newly sprouted seedlings. There are fruit flies, lamp flies, fungi flies and these species feed on fruits and vegetables or larvae found in the roots of the plant.

get rid of flies

Given all this, it is no wonder that many people are looking for quick ways to eliminate flies, but the problem is that they always resort to chemical solutions and spraying, and to do this idea has a lot of harm because it is usually filled with harmful substances that can negatively affect children, adults and pets. and environment. Instead of using chemical methods, try to use a better natural remedy to get rid of these frustrating pests, and before you start using these tricks, you must make sure that the garbage bags are closed well so that the flies cannot escape to other places.

Take a few lemons and start using it to get rid of flies. Work on cutting 3-4 lemons in half and put these parts in your oven rack all night until morning, and don’t forget to leave the oven door open. In the morning, close the oven door and turn it on, preferably at 100 degrees. It should be noted that you do not need to bake the lemons but only allow them to release the pleasant smell of renovating your home with it. You will enjoy the smell of lemon, but the flies escape from the lemon smell immediately and are not present in the place.

Apple cider vinegar trap:

Whether you are dealing with the problem of flies indoors or outside. It is natural to use this method as it is one of the easiest ways to catch flies easily. Simply get a bowl and fill three quarters of the plate with apple cider vinegar and then add a drop of soap until eventually causing the flies to fall into the vinegar without being able to predict what’s going on. Just be sure to remove all other temptations for flies on the table so the trap becomes easy.

Putting cloves inside the lemon:

Aromatic cloves are widely used to get rid of flies and are used for wide purposes in cooking. When using lemon with cloves, you help get rid of flies.

Put 6-12 cloves inside half a lemon. Try to arrange the cloves and put the lemon in a plate. Put this dish next to the dining table, especially when you have an appointment to eat outdoors, or wrap the cloves in a bag or gauze and hang the bag in places where flies are frequent.

Making a gum fly trap:

There are glue strips that work to trap flies in the markets, and sometimes it is called a fly trap made of paper coated with a fragrant, sticky smell, toxic substances, and often trapping flies and other flying insects. The toxic substance used in these tapes is harmful to humans and animals, so why not use homemade fly fishing tapes.

Get a cup of corn syrup, a cup of sugar, brown paper or thin cards, scissors, and a string to use in preparing the fly trap. And work on cutting paper into strips of 2 inches in size and trying to put places to hang the strips with thread in the room.

Make a mixture of corn syrup with sugar and dip the strips into this mixture. If the mixture is dripping, you can put hanging paper and now hang the strips in the places where you see flies, as the flies are attracted to the sugary strips and when they fall, they will stumble.

Fragrant fly repellent herbs:

Another way to get rid of flies in your home is to plant fragrant herbs such as basil or lavender, mint. If these herbs grow outdoors, it can be beneficial to put them in bunches so that you can completely eliminate the flies in the house. Or even hanging a group of dry herbs together inside a piece of cloth and put it in the affected places.

Use of plastic water bags:

This method is a little interesting and very effective in getting rid of flies. You only need to have plastic bags filled with water and when you hang this bag in your external entrances, the flies will not be able to enter the house because the flies cannot see the water bags and see them as human eyes and look at the clear water in the bags as a spider web and therefore do not try to approach them The other reason is that the reflection of the water is enough to thwart the flies and create some inexplicable illusion. You can see this trick in fruit stores in order to keep the flies away from the fruit. .

Get a large plastic bag and water. Fill the plastic bag with water until it reaches the middle and tie a knot to secure the water from leaving through a rubber band and now hang these bags near the entrance to the house and doors or in any other entrance from which the open air.


One of the treatments that helps you get rid of flies is the use of aromatic lemongrass. Most flies do not like the smell of lemon, just like lavender and many other plants. You can use lemongrass to get a spray to prevent the presence of flies in the house.

Pour 10 drops of lemon essential oil into a spray bottle and now pour 4 tablespoons of hot water over the oil and shake well to mix the ingredients together. Now spray the mixture all over the place near entrances, windows and other spaces where flies are present.

electric fly:

The invention of the electric fly is one of the best inventions on the market that helps get rid of flies and a way to completely get rid of flies. This fly emits ultraviolet rays that make insects easily attracted to it. This makes it an easy way to catch flies and not have to worry about running around and chasing. The electric saw in the electric fly kills the flies when they come into contact with it and they all fall into the package.

Citronella candles:

Citronella candles are known to be a good fly repellent, as they are also effective in getting rid of mosquitoes. Where flies hate the smoke from citronella candles, these candles are usually made on camphor or the citronella product, and it is highly recommended to use them to get rid of the flies inside and outside. It is necessary to leave the candles running for half an hour before sitting in the area where you think that there are many flies.

 Cucumber slices:

Flies hate cucumber slices and so it is one of the best ways to deter flies from the trash. Put cucumber slices on top of the package. It will help keep the flies away and will not allow them to discover places where they can lay their eggs. Try to use cucumber slices in places where there are many flies.

Chili pepper :

Many species of animals including pests have strong feelings against hot chili powder because it helps to get rid of them easily. You can use hot pepper as a fly repellent. Simply mix a quantity of hot black pepper with water in a spray bottle and use it in areas where flies are present. It will help you kill them in no time and do not be afraid to use it anywhere, as it is a safe and non-toxic mixture even when used in the garden of the house.

 Cinnamon air freshener:

Flies absolutely hate the smell of cinnamon and therefore you should keep cinnamon in mind when looking for a solution to get rid of flies. Next time when looking for an air freshener, try to choose an air freshener with cinnamon and instead of using the chemicals in the air freshener. You can use cinnamon powder sprinkle and distribute it throughout the house to get rid of the flies in the house and garden and therefore you are using non-toxic materials that do not harm anyone’s health. Another way to benefit from cinnamon is to use cinnamon aromatic wax or buy a few drops of cinnamon essential oil and add it to A spray bottle with water.

Sugar solution with paper funnel:

This method is very natural to get rid of flies, it is one of the easiest, most cost-effective and simplest method when using it as well. All you need is a jar of water with sugar on the bottom and a paper funnel to insert into the bowl. Put the funnel on top of the bowl and make sure that the funnel doesn’t touch the liquid so that most of the flies in the area are attracted to it. Once the flies slip into the paper funnel they won’t be able to come back. backwards again so it becomes easier to get them trapped inside the bowl.