Electricity jerk in the house is it dangerous and what are its possible causes?

Electricity jerk in the house is dangerous and what causes it? Questions abound in the summer especially, as people face many problems with electricity in their homes during this period, either due to misuse of electricity, problems with electrical connections at home, or problems with the energy source itself, Among the most prominent of these problems are the vibrations and fluctuations in electricity and lights that occur when operating home appliances. In this article, we will mention the main causes of this problem, and how to try to avoid or fix it.

Electricity shiver, what are the causes?

Many people may have noticed a vibration in the lighting one day in their home, but the question about the electric jerk in the house is it dangerous and what causes it, some may not know the answer, so we will explain the most important causes of the electric jerk as follows:

 electrical load increase

If the lights are dimmed while a particular appliance is running (such as a hair dryer or microwave), first make sure it is on the same circuit as the appliance (by checking the general circuit breaker), then you need to separate the circuits, making a special circuit for each group.

If the lights are dimmed and the electricity is blinking when an appliance is turned on, you may want to ask an electrician to check all electrical circuits and connections for different appliances.

Incorrect electrical connections

One of the causes of house tremors is poor electrical connections and wiring in the house, such as wires that may be old and worn out, or wires that do not have sufficient size (thickness) to handle the current used by the number of devices.

Therefore, when you turn on devices such as water pumps or air conditioners, these devices draw relatively high amounts of current, which can cause voltage drops in your home to cause lights to flicker, to fix this, you should consult an electrician to check the wiring, and verify that it is suitable for the device the user.

Neutral wire problem

The Neutral wire may be poorly conductive or corroded. To do this, you must check all connections, starting with the electrical panel containing the circuit breaker, making sure all wires are connected correctly, and making sure there are no signs of corroded wires.

As if the wire is damaged, this will result in an unbalanced return of current from the appliance, causing the voltage to drop in the house, which in turn leads to problems and power flickers.

Problems from the electricity supplier

If your area is affected by severe weather conditions, or there is a problem with the main power transformer in the area, or the demand for electricity increases dramatically, all of these can cause the electricity in your home to vibrate and voltage from the power.

The company may be weak or hesitant about why this problem occurs in the home, in which case you should call the power company’s emergency number and ask questions.

What do we mean by electric jerk?

Before we start talking about electrical jitter in the house in more detail, it is important to define voltage, which is a basic component of electricity and helps to understand oscillation and the use of electricity, which is the driving force of electricity, and electric current which is the electricity that pushes free electrons from one atom to another in the same direction.

On the other hand, it means that voltage is pressure from a power source to a circuit that drives charged electrons, called current, through a conductive cycle, enabling them to function, like lighting a lamp or a fan.

Many people know that voltage fluctuations can cause lights to blink on and off, then turn back on or glow.

Computer screens can also flicker , in some cases the voltage is too low, and electronic devices, such as a computer, may not be able to restart.

Starting voltage fluctuations are also defined as regular changes in voltage, which occur when equipment or devices that require high load currents are used, and the effects of voltage fluctuations are similar to the effects of voltage drops, the most difficult result is that computers may lose data or affect televisions or other devices radio interference.

In addition, they also affect the life of incandescent lamps, because they are designed for use with a certain voltage, and sometimes power fluctuations can cause serious problems, can take a long time to repair, loss of important information, or repair costs and potentially expensive equipment restarts.

What is the best way to fix an electrical jerk at home?

The right preventive measures will help reduce the physical and economic losses caused by the electric shock, we will mention this below:

Purchase equipment that meets the requirements of the quality label

You must make sure that the equipment can withstand electrical frequencies, and equipment that can withstand these vibrations is CE marked.

Lightning strikes often produce an extremely high voltage, which household equipment cannot withstand, but equipment with this sign you can withstand.

Regular inspection of internal fixtures

It is recommended to regularly check the internal fixtures, such as cables, power cords coming out of the meter, switches, mains switches, etc.

Create a surge protector

Many products protect against surges, provide a limited degree of fluctuation protection, and will surge for a short time after a power outage.

Use a transformer or generator during a power outage

Use uninterruptible power supplies and voltage regulators to prevent voltage fluctuations in equipment.

Here we have come to the conclusion of the article in which we talked about the issue of electric jerks in the house.