Dealing with Teens: 16 Ways to Build a Strong Relationship

When your daughter reaches adolescence, she begins to enter her own world and struggles for independence with her own thinking. Most mothers are often not ready to deal with the formation of the personality of girls in the adolescence stage, as it is a new stage that makes the teenage girl change in form and content and you need to know the ways to deal with your teenage daughter. Some may separate between the mother and her daughter. The mother often suffers from difficulties in being able to trust the choices of the girl in adolescence and is afraid for them to bear the impact of this decision. Often avoid feelings of criticism or incompetence for the girl so that she does not withdraw away from you

There are a set of broad lines for dealing with a girl in adolescence so that she does not leave her with a feeling of rejection or disrespect and completely avoid showing the triviality of the details that your daughter cares about. It is a collection of things and tips for creating a positive relationship between a mother and her son.

 How to deal with your teenage daughter

1. Not much criticism:

One of the main and common complaints of girls in adolescence is the mother’s criticism of her. Although the mother can make more effort so that the teenage girl can develop herself, the large amount of criticism renders this effort useless. It is necessary to always encourage the teenage girl and deal with her as she has a high efficiency and a beautiful girl. All you have to do is say to your daughter, “You are a wonderful person.” These phrases are enough.

 2. Share your memories with your daughter:

Allow your teenage daughter to share different memories with you, whether disappointments or joys. Even talking to her about your childhood creates a strong relationship between mother and teenage girl.

 3. Building a positive relationship:

You can build a positive relationship between you and your teenage daughter by using modern social media to break old communication patterns. You can even suggest that she read a book together or watch a family movie together. This activity helps you to spend quality time with your daughter.

4. Reinforcing it:

Listening to and sympathizing with the teenage girl while avoiding giving advice that reflects your values ​​or desires that achieve your interests without looking at her opinions and beliefs. You can ask a series of questions to find out what you want to do and review its decisions even if they do not agree with your opinions. You can allow her to experiment to learn what went wrong and find her own way through difficult situations.

5. Sharing her private life:

In order for a girl in adolescence to understand, you need to share her private life and go out with her to see if her decisions were wrong or not. The only way to have a good relationship with your daughter is to ask her what she wants? .

6. Be prepared to apologize.

Everyone is subject to error, even the mother, and it is not wrong for a mother to admit her mistakes in front of her daughter. A teenage girl can learn from her mother’s mistakes. Because not apologizing can cause bad intentions, although apologizing does not reduce your personality in front of your daughter.

7. Listen to it

Put all your personal matters away from your relationship with your teenage daughter and take more time to listen to her. Pay attention to her when she talks about her own problems. This does not mean that they need you to solve their problems, but rather they need you to love, sympathize and agree to help each other.

8. Share it:

You can share her choices, even if it is as simple as standing with her in front of the wardrobe to choose the right clothes. Because fashion styles differ from time to time, and you need to know the right taste for her personality.

9. Tolerance with it:

Everyone needs to learn tolerance by seeing the behavior of others. Everyone makes mistakes, but you must be willing to accept mistakes and forgive, and it is courageous when you admit your mistakes in front of her, do not hesitate to do so.

10. Trust her:

One of the things that frustrates a girl in adolescence is not trusting her and worrying about everything she does, even if it is as simple as cleaning the kitchen. You must realize how important this is, even if it is simple, because it helps her build her personality at this stage. Don’t try to be a control freak try to give her confidence in her life.

11. You can ask her to go out for a walk together.

To make special memories with your teenage daughter, you can go out together for a walk and take a simple walk. This method works best because it makes her feel safe and protected.

 12. Encourage her:

Encouraging a girl in adolescence is of paramount importance. You can show words of encouragement and praise because these words help her get rid of the fear that she suffers with when exposed to a specific situation.

13. Research different interests:

You can set a time to spend together to relax and discover the different hobbies that you share, because this helps you deepen the different bonds between you, such as yoga, chatting together or going shopping. When you try to spend a new activity, it can create fun memories for you both.

14. Control your emotions:

When you suffer from various problems at work, you need to control your emotions and anger when dealing with your teenage daughter so that you can be more rational in making your decisions. Because anger and nervousness can lead to problems between you.

15. Giving thoughtful advice:

Do not ignore the value of the advice studied among you. It is essential that the mother be impartial when giving advice to the girl so that she does not hurt her feelings if she does not follow this advice. In addition, you need to welcome her opinions, not reject them, and give them some freedom and confidence so that they do not take a different path.

16. Pay attention to body language during adolescence:

While talking, there is body language that can show a teenager a range of different meanings than talking. Therefore, it must be paid attention to. So that the body’s signals are not misunderstood and thus harm the relationship between you and your daughter. You should be mindful of facial expressions, cues to avoid misunderstanding.