Clean chamois clothes to keep them for a longer period of time

Cleaning chamois clothes has special methods, because this type of fabric is made from sheepskin tanned by fish oil, or made from sheepskin, and this quality needs continuous cleaning, and in an appropriate manner, because washing and cleaning it incorrectly will lead to To damage it or the skin may be damaged greatly, and for this reason we find that many people are afraid to clean the chamois themselves, especially if the clothes made of chamois are expensive, but you can now clean your chamois clothes with ease at home through home methods that you can apply yourself .

How to clean chamois clothes

The clothes that are made of chamois leather need special care, and special cleaning methods for it, so here are the following procedures for cleaning chamois clothes:

  • In the beginning, we put four liters of water in an amount of liquid soap used for washing hands and body, and mix them together.
  • You can use a moisturizing shampoo or a car wash soap.
  • We bring a piece of clothing and put it in this soapy water, and we rub it to get rid of dirt and dust.
  • Remove the piece of clothing from the soapy water mixture and rub it well.
  • Then we rinse the piece of clothing in clean, clean water, and give it a good thought.
  • Place the suede garment in a place away from the sun, and it should not be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • We then leave it to dry completely.
  • Then we run our hands over the chamois and let it dry until it becomes soft.
  • We fold it, preferably store chamois clothes in a dry place.

Removing tough chamois stains

Chamois can be cleaned of tough stains in a number of ways, as follows:

  • You can use an eraser specially made to clean the suede fabric. We move it gently over the piece of clothing, in order to reduce the appearance of the tough stain.
  • If you don’t have a chamois eraser, you can use the eraser that is used to erase a pencil.
  • Buy a special brush for the chamois, then rub the stain well and move it back and forth gently.

Cleaning suede clothes from oil and sweat stains

To remove stains resulting from oils or stains resulting from sweating on the chamois, we follow more than one method, and among these methods are the following:

Cornmeal stain removal

To clean, we put a light layer of cornmeal on the piece of clothing, and leave it for long hours. We can leave it overnight. Cornmeal is very useful for absorbing stains and removing them from the fabric. In the morning, the flour can be disposed of by using a chamois brush.

Steam stain removal

Steam can easily clean oily stains from suede clothes, but you must be careful not to saturate the suede garment.

Therefore, the best way to clean a chamois with steam is to put the clothes in a bathroom with plenty of steam, after the person has finished showering.

Remove stains with chamois cleaners

Detergents designed to clean chamois can be used, and they are considered more effective, but when used, it is preferable to add them to water and clean the entire piece of clothing, not just the area that contains the stain, so as not to make a difference in the color of the piece.

How to wash chamois clothes from water and mud

It can be cleaned of stains caused by liquids, water or mud, by following the following methods:

  • This type of stain can be wiped by using a white cloth to absorb water or liquids, gently moving our hands when rubbing the stain, and letting the clothes dry for a whole day.
  • It is possible to use a leather protector intended for chamois leather, to spray the clothes with it and rub the stain, and let the clothes dry completely in the air.
  • Another way is to rub the liquid and mud stain with a soft brush, and rub it gently and continuously, until the stains disappear, and in the end we can wipe the area with a white cotton cloth.

Cleaning chamois clothes with vinegar

You can clean clothes made of chamois with one natural ingredient that is found in all homes, which is white vinegar, because it has a high ability to clean chamois and most types of fabrics, and no one knew this information about vinegar, but after housewives used it to clean most stains It has become very popular in cleaning most of our daily items, and to clean the chamois with vinegar, the following steps must be followed:

  • In the beginning, we must prepare a large bowl with enough space for a piece of clothing, and put an amount of water and another equal amount of white vinegar.
  • If we put one cup of water, we put one cup of white vinegar with it, so that the mixture is homogeneous and the vinegar concentration is high.
  • Then we bring a toothbrush, but it is soft, and put it in the mixture.
  • Scrub the piece of clothing with a brush to remove all the dirt that is on the surface of the cloth.
  • After we finish cleaning, we bring a clean, damp piece of cloth, and then start wiping the cloth.
  • After we’ve finished cleaning, put the suede garment in the air until it’s completely dry.

Tips for caring for clothes or a suede jacket

Cleaning the chamois incorrectly or taking care of it incorrectly may damage it and eventually damage it, because the chamois is originally made of a natural material, so it must be preserved, cleaned and stored properly, and here are the most important tips:

  • After wearing chamois, it should be washed with warm, not hot, soapy water with our hands, not the washing machine.
  • You should not use dish soap, because it will get rid of all the natural oils that are found on the chamois, so it is necessary to use natural soap.
  • After getting rid of dirt and dust stuck in the chamois, rinse it again with warm water, and re-add a lather of soap, to keep the chamois soft.
  • When squeezing the fabric from the water, we gently press the fabric to get the excess water out, and then we lay the clothes out to dry completely.
  • After the clothes are completely dry, we put them on a hard and smooth surface, and wipe them with a soft cloth, so that the chamois becomes soft and easy to fold.
  • It is important not to expose suede clothes to water too many times, because it can absorb it and damage it.
  • When transporting chamois clothes from one place to another, or if they are transported for travel, they must be transported safely, and they should not be placed in a plastic bag, or things that cannot enter the air into the clothes, causing some water droplets to appear on the surface of the fabric.
  • A cotton pillowcase, or a cotton bag, should be used to transport the suede garment.
  • It is necessary to buy special supplies for the suede fabric to take care of it, because it is water-resistant, but it is necessary to make sure that the clothes are clean before putting them on.


In the end, and after learning about the different ways to clean chamois clothes , now, dear reader, you can keep chamois clothes easily and for longer periods of time. All you have to do is follow the correct ways to clean it, and you will find that the life span of clothes is not short anymore.