A Fishmonger, a Shoemaker, a Capo, and Donald John Trump by Mary Hess

Historic Image of Sacco and Vanzetti

An Italian fishmonger, Bartolomeo Vanzetti, and his friend, Nicola Sacco, a shoemaker and night watchman, were two men accused of being in the “Italian-American Mafia” in the 1920s. They had been accused of robbery and the gun violence murders of shoe factory paymasters in Massachusetts. Sacco and Vanzetti, were anarchists and were caught with guns, but their alleged crimes were never proven beyond a reasonable doubt. They were persecuted for their Italian heritage, non-religious beliefs (they were atheists even during execution), and political belief of anarchy.

Sacco and Vanzetti were tried in two separate trials in Massachusetts. Both trials, however, were before the same judge, a corrupt, racist Judge Webster Thayer. Judge Thayer, a judge who “disliked immigrants,” had made remarks about “long-haired anarchists from California,” “Bolshevism,” and presided over a “Kangaroo Court” that “debated Vanzetti’s mustache style,” and included a cap (hat ) that was “too small to fit” Sacco. The criminal trials were international events that even caught the attention of Fascist Dictator, Benito Mussolini. Widespread protests were held in the United States and in Europe in support of Sacco and Vanzetti’s civil rights. The subsequent executions of Sacco and Vanzetti in 1927, formed a piece of the psychology of Donald John Trump, and his view of the American justice system.

Donald Trump was born in Queens, New York, in 1946. Queens is also the final resting place of the “real” Italian Mafia “Capo” Charles “Lucky” Luciano, born Salvatore Lucania in Lercara Friddi, Sicily, Italy. “Lucky” Luciano declared himself “capo di tutti capi,” the “boss of all bosses” of the Italian mafia in New York City. “Lucky” Luciano was the boss of mafioso “whack-jobs,” the gun violence hitman term for American mobsters. “Whack-job” is one of the phrases Donald Trump (and Alex Jones) utilizes.

Donald Trump’s father was Frederick Christ Trump, Sr. “Fred” hid his German heritage during World War II. He had been arrested at a New York City Ku Klux Klan Rally in 1927. Similar to “Lucky” Luciano, who made alliances with the New York City Jewish mafia, Fred Trump made alliances with the Jewish community during his time as a New York real estate developer. Both “Lucky” and Fred made Jewish alliances for their “businesses.”

Fred Trump’s father, Donald Trump’s Grandfather, Frederick Trump, (Friedrich), historic family name, “Drumpft,” was a trained barber and German immigrant. He was born in Kallstadt, Kingdom of Bavaria, modern Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. US Immigration records recorded his name as “Freidr. Trumpf.” Friedrich (Frederick) opened his first restaurant-brothel, “Dairy Restaurant,” in Seattle, Washington. Biographer Gwenda Blair described it as “a hotbed of sex, booze, and money.”

Frederick Trump made his fortune in US gold mining “Yukon Territory” with another restaurant-brothel, using euphemisms such as “Rooms for Ladies.” A real estate investor since 1891, Trump “the Grandfather” invested in Queens, New York real estate. He died in the 1918 flu pandemic.

Donald Trump was certainly influenced by Senator Joseph McCarthy, a famous “Red-Baiter,” who held hearings accusing Americans of being “communists” in 1954, when Donald Trump was eight years old. In 1954, black and white television proliferated, becoming widespread in America, replacing radio and newspapers as the main form of information. Donald Trump probably stopped reading books, unless he was forced to, about this time in his life. Trump eventually hired the notorious Senate McCarthy Hearings’ Attorney Roy Cohn.

Donald Trump’s mother, Mary Anne McLeod Trump, almost died giving birth to his younger brother, Robert Trump. Although Donald Trump’s mother survived Robert’s “bloody, life-threatening” birth, she was severely weakened by her pregnancy experience, never fully physically recovered, and was unable to supervise or discipline a household of three boys and two girls alone, while Daddy Fred worked.” As a teenager, Donald Trump was an “aggressive” juvenile and he was sent away to “military school,” where he was sent to “learn discipline.”

The education records (and tax returns) of Donald John Trump have never been released, but it is widely known that he does not read books, or history based upon facts. He does read tabloid (picture) newspapers, and personally knows David J. Pecker, who purchased the National Enquirer beginning in 1999. the National Enquirer had been a tabloid known for “pro-fascist propaganda” in the 1930s and 1940s. Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump, and maybe his mother Mary, may have introduced their son to the tabloid. the National Enquirer was ubiquitous, displayed all over the country at street newsstands. Donald Trump is also a fact-free, opinion-based “entertainment” news television addict, primarily watching Rupert Murdoch’s FOX NEWS for the past 26 years, and listening to the deceased radio “entertainer,” Rush Limbaugh.

After his military school attendance and subsequent business school education at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Donald Trump became a student of his father’s New York real estate and construction business, officially taking charge in 1971. Donald Trump and his father had to defend their company in court because of their alleged racist redlining rental policies.

Donald Trump didn’t spend a lot of time reading books or reputable newspapers, but he quickly learned how to be a On the Waterfront type of construction / real estate boss, or capo. “Dear Daddy” taught Donald well.

Donald Trump has become a classic example of American mafia capo business dealings. He was a student of corrupt attorney Roy Cohn, he befriended disgraced “crook” Richard Nixon’s “dirty trickster,” Roger Stone, and had a “bagman,” Michael Cohen.

Everything about “Lucky” Luciano was idolized by Donald Trump. Trump had casinos in Atlantic City, he was surrounded by “paid-for beauty queens,” and his father, Fred, once bought gambling chips to cover his son’s casino debt. Trump lives by the mafioso culture of “loyalty” and “code of silence,” never keeping “records, documents, or notes.” Trump had multiple wives, ditching Ivana Marie as soon as she proved herself to be a better businessman than he was. He has probably had untold number of sexual affairs, the most famous with “Stormy” Daniels, while his third wife was at home with a newborn baby.

The corrupt “Kangaroo” trial of Sacco and Vanzetti, and “Lucky” Luciano, buried in a Queens cemetery, tells you all you need to know about Donald John Trump.

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