NJ foreclosure bill to curb house flipping heads to Phil Murphy’s desk

New Jersey may make it easier for family members, lower income bidders and community nonprofits to purchase foreclosed homes under a bill sent to Gov. Phil Murphy Wednesday reworking the sheriff’s sale process to prioritize these buyers and discourage large investors from flipping those properties.

Under the “Community Wealth Preservation Program,” New Jerseyans who have experienced foreclosure or their next of kin would get the first shot when the property goes up for auction, or the right of first refusal at the bid price.

And if a distressed homeowner can’t secure financing, they or a family member can request that a community development group buy the property and the nonprofit would have the second right of refusal, or second shot, at the bid price. If a housing nonprofit wins the bid on a foreclosed property, it would be required to restore and sell the house to a low-income family making no more than 120% of the county’s median income, or else rent the home to a family making below 100% of the county’s median income.

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