Wolf Of Weed Street On The Possibility Of A Rebound In US Cannabis Stocks

In this week’s Trade To Black Podcast, TDR Founder Shadd Dales, lead financial writer Benjamin A. Smith speak with Jason Spatafora—otherwise known as the @WolfOfWeedST—about US cannabis stocks and the macro stock market. With optimism once again abounding with the filing of the Climb Act and word that Senate Democrats are looking for a deal on federal cannabis reform in calendar 2022, the panel discusses what this all means for investors.

Jason Spatafora spends much of his time as a partner at True Trading Group LLC, an organization built for active traders who seek guidance in navigating the capital markets. He has a particular affinity for options investing in a swing trading capacity, using both short and long-dated strategies

Trade To Black Podcast Cliffsnotes:

@1:10 The overall market had a very strong week with the NASDAQ 100 7.40% and S&P 500 6.50%, yet US cannabis stocks did not respond in kind. why not?

@2:25 Jason thinks US cannabis stocks are going lower. How much lower can a cheap sector decline further?

@4:00 MSOS fighting the trend in light of potentially more givebacks in the broad market.

@5:31 Anger increasingly boiling over on Twitter cannabis influencers as investors become frustrated with performance.

@10:52 Research in the cannabis sector has been a disaster from the beginning in the cannabis sector.

@13:52 Why do analysts continue to get price projections wrong?

@15:20 What things would you like to see with certain sector influencers?

@19:24 The decline in US cannabis stocks has been a double cost because investors over-exposed to the sector missed out on a historic bull run elsewhere in the market.

@25:51 Will cannabis get pushed on the backburner as we head into the midterms?

@28:57 Should investors be worried is Republicans gain both the House and Senate in the midterms, and Mitch McConnell is controlling the agenda in the Senate.

@35:05 End of quarter window dressing means buying and selling in different sectors.

@38:48 The real estate market remains hot in Florida.

@40:10 Still a lot of headwinds in the macro market, so panel remains cautious in current environment.

@42:28 Equities are still not cheap right now on a historical basis.

@45:15 Stock valuations can depress more than you believe if earnings growth stalls out and reverses.

@51:05 The re-rating on US cannabis stocks is going to blow people’s minds when the right combination of regulatory reform takes shape. Patience required.

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