Buy a Lot on Beyoncé’s Old Block in Houston, Texas

If you’ve traveled throughout Third Ward recentlyyou’ve seen a bright red sign on Rosedale Street, advertising a lot for sale, with an added bonus letting you know you can, “Build on Beyoncé’s old block.”

The sign was created by Houston native and real estate investor Kevin Wright, who wanted to draw attention to his vacant lot located near the mega-star’s childhood home, which was first featured on TMZ† Beyoncé spent some of her early years in the Riverside Terrace padwhere she cultivated her early career in music groups Girls Tyme and Destiny’s Child.

Before making such a bold statement on a for-sale sign, Wright consulted a lawyer to avoid any potential litigation. Wright wanted to proclaim loud and clear that this was the neighborhood Beyoncé grew up in.

“Beyoncé is a beacon of hope for us. Third Ward is Beyoncé, and Beyoncé is Third Ward,” he explains.

“I lived in Third Ward for almost 10 years after college, and my family has been in real estate in Houston for over 83 years.”

According to Wright, it was his neighbors who were close to Beyoncé’s family at the time she was growing up there. “They knew the Knowles family. My neighbors have lived here for a very long time,” he says.

Wright is one of a handful of Black real estate investors in the Third Ward-area working to preserve homeownership in the historic district. According to Wright, longstanding did restrictions一which prohibited Black people from owning property in certain Houston neighborhoods一have made it harder for lots to sell in the area. Those restrictions, coupled with the ongoing gentrification in the area, have increased taxes and can push long-time residents out

The lot, located at 2418 Rosedale Street, is almost 9,000 square feet in size. The block is a stone’s throw from Emancipation Avenue, filled with multi-story, single-family brick homes. The former property on the land burned down in a house fire five years ago, and Wright has been working to sell it since then.

“I think it’s a positive thing, it puts a positive light on that block, highlighting the fact that Beyoncé grew up there,” Wright tells Houstonia

The asking price currently sits at $315,000, but Wright is willing to negotiate. He wants to get the best price, with hopes that prospective buyers build a small mansion or single structure duplex on the open lot. Wright also holds out hope that Beyoncé would buy the lot herself一but that’s just wishful thinking for now.

The property is currently on the market. For more information on the lot, visit the website

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