Alex Kleyner’s ABK Capital Continues to Grow In Florida Real Estate Market

MIAMI, June 14, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With raising rates ABK Capital is announcing that it still has 15% of their funds capital left for distribution for those looking to take on mezzanine financing. Debt financing company ABK Capital keeps on expanding thanks to the visionary strategies of its young founder, Alex Kleyner. The young business icon is only in his twenties, but he has already built a highly successful enterprise lending millions of dollars and helps countless developers in South Florida. ABK Capital is particularly focused on the Miami real estate market which has been booming in recent years. Many are trying to get projects off the ground to meet the demand, yet funding remains a challenge. Kleyner and his team are stepping up with innovative solutions.

While other lenders are wary of risk, ABK Capital has proven to be a beacon of hope by having the courage to make bold decisions. The hesitance of traditional lenders is understandable given their major losses during the 2008 financial crisis. Since then, they have gotten more cautious about providing funds to ambitious developers. Although this may seem like a wise move, it makes the real estate market harder to navigate. It also stunts progress in the area. ABK Capital saw this as a chance to set itself apart.

Kleyner’s debt financing company has been contributing heavily to its home region. Investors who could not get loans anywhere else have relied on ABK Capital to fund their projects. Several options are available for developers that need a cash injection. They can get a senior loan at any stage of the project. Risk is mitigated through the borrower’s assets and an agreement to put this loan at the top of the claim hierarchy. It creates a win-win situation: investors get the money they need, while ABK Capital gets stable returns.

Investors can also avail of mezzanine financing if they need to. It is a fine match for real estate developers who are finding it hard to raise equity. If there are budget gaps threatening to stop the project, then this loan can keep things going until completion. Investors can then start to get returns, allowing them to pay their lenders and eventually turn a profit. For ABK Capital, it’s all about looking into the needs of each client and giving them feasible solutions that they may not find elsewhere.

One of the biggest differences between ABK Capital and traditional lenders is that the company has an open mind. Others might look for a mountain of documents and a strong track record before entertaining a borrower. However, not everyone can produce these requirements. Newer firms with big dreams have to start somewhere. Alex Kleyner and his team understand what it’s like being in this position. They find ways to extend financial assistance while reducing their own risk and ensuring stability.

The creative approach by ABK Capital has been fruitful with projects coming in left and right. In fact, the company has just announced new home funding for a project in Homestead, a city in southern Miami-Dade county. It hasn’t stopped providing excellent financial services even at the height of the pandemic. A lot of real estate investors suffered as a result of harsh government measures, with many still reeling from the effects. Home buyer preferences have also changed after their experiences over the past few years. All these disruptions offer tremendous opportunities for those who are quick to adjust and deliver what the market wants. Alex Kleyner and ABK Capital are there to help them achieve their goals.

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