Why low-income renters in Arizona have little chance of finding a home

Arizona’s housing shortage and rapidly rising rents are hurting people with the lowest incomes the most, forcing a growing number of struggling tenants out of their homes.

In metro Phoenix, which is among the top 10 metro areas facing the most severe affordable housing shortages, only 20 rentals are available for every 100 extremely low-income renters, according to the latest annual survey by the nonprofit National Low Income Housing Coalition.

The Phoenix area led the US for rent increases with a 30% jump last year, and rents could climb another 20% this year.

Too few apartments, a growing population, rent increases wildly outpacing income gains and a buying spree of Phoenix-area complexes by corporate investors has created a nightmare situation for many renters.

Tenants with lower incomes have the fewest options, despite housing vouchers and federal money going to new programs and apartments.

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